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Natalie is one of the deepest, wisest and most nurturing women I’ve ever met.  When I’m feeling emotional, overwhelmed, and scattered I call her to get back in touch with my inner knowing.  She has taught me that my feelings—no matter how intense or overpowering–are not to be feared, that they are actually wise nudges from my inner wisdom helping me stay on track.  If you are in need of a soul mentor with uncanny intuition to awaken the force of nature within you, don’t waste another second.  Hire Natalie—it’s worth every penny!

Rebecca Rubin, CEO & Founder, The Pursuit of Fabulous

Rebecca Rubin


Natalie facilitated a major and much-needed breakthrough in my life. She helped me tune out the noise from my external environment and tune into the wisdom of my inner self, a self that was ready for change. Through the reflection exercises, group discussions, mindfulness activities, and tactical planning, I walked forward with the tools and foundation I needed to end a relationship that didn’t serve me, usher in a new era in my business, and begin the framework for a new book. Natalie helped me bring light into areas that felt dark and shadowy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Rebecca Slocum, Author,

Rebecca Slocum